Kelly Khumalo Kicks Her Mother Who Carried Her For 9 Months Out Of Her House in Jo’burg.

In the latest twist of events surrounding the life of renowned singer Kelly Khumalo, the Empini hitmaker has reportedly found herself entangled in a family dispute, resulting in the alleged expulsion of her mother, Ntombifuthi Khumalo, from her Johannesburg home.




Sources close to the situation reveal that tensions within the Khumalo family have escalated to the point where Kelly is believed to be at odds with almost everyone in her immediate circle. The reported fallout with her family members, particularly her sister Zandi, has created a strained relationship that has spilled over to include her mother.

An insider sheds light on the situation, stating, “Kelly had an altercation with her sister (Zandi). When she started fighting with Zandi, she expected her mom to take her side. But Ntombifuthi decided not to choose sides.

Eventually, Kelly told her mom to stop talking to Zandi. Again, her mother refused to do so. Kelly wasn’t happy about this and started bullying her mom, shouting, yelling, and belittling Ntombifuthi in front of her kids.”

The reported incident occurred approximately four months ago, leading Ntombifuthi to pack her bags and leave for KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Despite efforts by the Khumalo family to reconcile, Kelly Khumalo has allegedly remained estranged, choosing not to return to her family in KZN.

The insider claims, “The problem is Kelly refuses to come back home. She’s too much of a celebrity now and has distanced herself from the family.”

However, Kelly Khumalo has refuted these allegations, dismissing the notion that she expelled her mother from her home. In response to the claims, she revealed that her mother left because she sought the truth about her biological father, an unresolved matter that has lingered in her family for years.