Just when we thought we have seen it all: Makhadzi wears all 9 language outfits.

Ndivudzannyi Ralivhona famously known by Mkhadzi keeps on proving to us why she is loved by all trips in South Africa.

South Africa has nine official languages and every one of them comes with their culture and traditional music and what I have noticed is that everyone listens to them, but it looks like Makhadzi is uniting South Africans her music is loved all over the country.

Makhadzi a female singer from Venda Limpopo she started performing her music in the streets normally when shops or malls are promoting brands they call street performers, but today she is one of the most famous and loved Venda singers.








Today she gave us a reason to never forget her even years, being a heritage day we have seen many people appreciate their culture and I must say am impressed and proud to be South African because when it comes to the culture we never forget where we come from.

Makhadzi shared her pictures wearing traditional attire, but she added a twist to it, she decided to wear all nine official language outfits.

She said that she is an African, and we are all one these touched me because I remember growing up people were scared to get married to someone who is not from the same tribe as they are, what she did today is beautiful, it proves that South Africa is growing and improving.

She has given us a reason to celebrate and appreciate her even more I don’t remember anyone who has ever done something so beautiful and unique before.

I wish every one of you a happy heritage day wear your African attire with pride and let the culture grow with the new generation that is still coming.

I have shared some of her traditional outfits, and she is truly representing us all.