Idols twins Viggy and Virginia respond after being called ugly

This is the second time they have tried their hands in the Idols, in Qwabe twins

2017, they also tried to participate but only to the very early stages. They chickened out from the long queue to the auditions, and did not even went as far as standing before the judges, Virginia said, during the 2017, edition of the Idols, they were not that ready for the competition.

“This year is our year. We want to win,” said Virginia added that “Even if we do not make it, at least we would have given the other guys the chance.”

They admitted that the competition has been so tough, added that at times they had to sacrifice their sleep times, and woke up during the night to write songs, and to do rehearsals.

Virginia added that the most hardest thing in the competition is to face the judges, saying it is not easy to be criticised and still maintain composure.

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