Heartbreaking list of 13 Celebs whose Partners died tragically

When one dies, we say “God gave and God has taken” but this is easy to say when it’s not your loved one who has died. In the recent years most celebrity couples who were happy together were separated by reason of death and most of them could not easily move on.








Some were left as Widows while some were left as widowers. we are going to look at 13 South African Celebrities whose Partners Died tragically and were left as Widows and widowers.Number 1, Babies Wodumo

Image of Ayanda Ncwane
She is a popular actress, singer, businesswoman and philanthropist. Ayanda was married to the late gospel artist Sfiso Ncwane in beautiful wedding ceremony in 2002 when Aya was just 18 years old. Unfortunately her husband died after succumbing to kidney failure on 15 December 2016.

This was so painful since Sfiso was still young, he was 37 years old when he died. Ayanda was left as a widow with two children, Ngcweti Ncwane and Mawenza Ncwane.

Number 3 is Thembsie Known also as Petronella Matu is the South African actress Thembsie, who became famous for starring in television serials such as The Queen, Rhythm City and Zone 14 to name a few. She was married to an Anglican Minister, Peter Sebotsa, who passed away after drowning in a family pool in June 2019. This left a void in her life and there is no record if she ever married again.

On number 4 we have Connie Ferguson
Celebs whose Partners died tragically || Now Widows & widowers
Image of actress Connie Ferguson
If you love South African television dramas then you are probably familiar with Connie Ferguson. She is a South African actress, filmmaker, producer and businesswoman. She was married to the late Botswana born actor and businessman Shona Ferguson. The two were the perfect South African power couple since they both worked together in establishing their business empire in the acting industry.

Sadly, the Ferguson family and friends were left with a void after it was announced that Shona has passed away due to Covid 19 illness in 2021. He left behind Connie and his children, making her a widow. According to recent reports, Connie is believed to be in love again and seems she is happy again.

Number 5, Wiseman Mncube
Celebs whose Partners died tragically || Now Widows & widowers
Image of Wiseman Mncube
So we have talked more about female celebrities who lost their husbands, now let’s look at Wiseman Mncube, a male celebrity who lost his partner. Before we dive into details, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button. So, Wiseman Mncube is known as an actor who portrays Sibonelo in SABC1 drama series Uzalo. The actor lost his wife in 2017 but there is no information of how she died.

He was left with a daughter by the name of Lwandle. He was devastated when he received the news because he was on set shooting a scene of burying someone. He later found love again and he was blessed with a son.

Number 6 on our list is Letshego Zulu
Celebs whose Partners died tragically || Now Widows & widowers
Image of Letshego
Most of you might not be familiar with Letshego Zulu who is a famous author in the country but she is one of those women who lost their husbands due to tragic death. She was married to a famous singer Gugu Zulu who passed away on 18 July 2016 while attempting to summits the Mount Kilimanjalo.

This he did as part of a Trek4Mandela expedition to raise funds for sanitary pads for schoolgirls. Unfortunately it ended in his death which left Letshego as a widow.

Number 7 is Nadia Nakai
Celebs whose Partners died tragically || Now Widows & widowers
Image of Nadia Nakai
So, on number 7 we have Nadia who is a famous Zimbabwean South African based rapper. She was in a serious and long term relationship with the late rapper and musician AKA. Her boyfriend AKA died tragically after being assassinated in Durban on 10 February 2023. No one was arrested for this as it is still under investigation.

But this was so painful for Nadia who went on to say she won’t be in another relationship again after AKA’s death. The two were not married at the time of his death, therefore we can’t classify Nadia as a widow but she was left with a void.

On Number 8 we have Lerato Sengadi
Celebs whose Partners died tragically || Now Widows & widowers
Image of Sengadi
She might not be so familiar to most of people but to those who knew the late Hip hop Pantsula and those who watches Big Brother Africa are likely to know her. She was married to the late rapper Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) for two years before he passed away in October 2018. She was left a widow and with void but she never gave up on life.

On number 9 is Bianca Naidoo
Celebs whose Partners died tragically || Now Widows & widowers
Image of Bianca
Bianca was married to the late rapper Riky Rick. She is known as a production coordinator which doesn’t make her a celebrity but she became famous for being Riky Rick’s wife. There is no date of when the two got married since according to recent reports the couple were never legally married.

Riky Rick left Naidoo with two children, his son Maike born in 2014 and Naidoo’s daughter from the previous marriage. According to reports Riky Rick committed suicide but there is no suicide letter which would tell the public why he did it.

Number 10, Tsholo MaTshaba
Celebs whose Partners died tragically || Now Widows & widowers
Image of Tsholo Matshaba
She is an actress best known for her role as devious gold-digger Meme on the SABC2 soapie Muvhango. Tsholo got married to Chris MaTshaba on December 27, 2014 in Ramokokastad. They were happy until Chris lost a battle with cancer in 2018 after almost 4 years together.

Before his death, her husband was a radio DJ and presenter on Motswedi FM. Before that Tsholo dated fellow Muvhango cast member Dingaan Mokebe but their relationship ended after they accused each other of abuse.

Number 11, Simz Ngema