For the first time Twitter takes the convict’s side on Yobe, here’s why…

Mahlatse asked for forgiveness from the family of his ex-partner on Yobe.

For the first time since reality TV show Yobe made its debut, Mzansi has shown some sort of sympathy for the convict featured on last night’s episode.

Although this was an unusual response from viewers, Mahlatse’s story may help you understand why.

Yobe, is a show that helps convicted criminals ask for forgiveness from the victims of their crimes or their families. It offers closure to the victims’ families, as well as, gives the convicts a chance to explain themselves.

Last night’s episode introduced Mzansi to Mahlatse, a female convict who killed her then partner, Ronnie.

Mahlatse claimed that she had been abused by Ronnie and that on the day she killed him, only one of them were going to make it out alive.

Tweeps were sad on Mahlatse’s behalf, saying it was because the system failed her that she ended up in prison.

Many sympathised with her saying Ronnie’s family didn’t deserve an apology from her. Especially after they found out that the Ronnie’s mother knew he was abusing Mahlatse but did nothing about it.

It was also revealed the gun that killed Ronnie, was a gun he bought to threaten Mahlatse with. Plus Ronnie’s mother’s attitude towards Mahlatse’s child left Twitter scared for the child.