Muvhango actress Rendani’s husband manages to inpregnates her. But Mzansi noticed something. See it here

Muvhango star Innocentia Manchidi, known for her role as Rendani on the SABC2 soapie, recently celebrated her 27th birthday with an unexpected twist. Initially planning a cozy braai with family, she was taken by surprise when her husband Mpho and her family orchestrated a beautiful birthday lunch in secr


Innocentia, sharing the details of the surprise, expressed her astonishment at her husband’s clever planning. The unsuspecting actress, who is usually in control of such arrangements, was genuinely taken aback by the thoughtful gesture.

Turning 27 on February 15th, Innocentia had intended to mark the occasion with a simple family braai. However, Mpho, with the support of her family, organized an intimate and unexpected birthday lunch that left her in tears.

In a heartfelt post, Innocentia expressed her gratitude and love for her husband. She appreciated the simplicity and intimacy of the surprise event, describing it as perfectly aligned with her preferences. The actress didn’t shy away from acknowledging that Mpho had indeed outsmarted her with the surprise.

The emotional impact of seeing her entire family gathered for the celebration brought tears to Innocentia’s eyes. In her post, she thanked Mpho for making the day so special and declared him her “whole entire world.”