Fikile Mlomo excited to walk again.After 3 Months

After enduring three challenging months unable to walk, beloved gospel star Fikile Mlomo has made a triumphant recovery. The 42-year-old singer from Lindelani, north of Durban, was discharged from Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital on Monday, 13 May, following a successful surgery on her spinal cord performed on 3 February.In a heartfelt video posted online, Mlomo is seen walking out of the hospital, expressing profound gratitude for the support she received. She specifically thanked gospel artist Thinah Zungu and philanthropist BI Phakathi for their unwavering assistance during her ordeal.






“We encourage people to be grateful for the life that they have because anything can happen within a second in this life,” Mlomo remarked, her voice filled with emotion. Her words resonated deeply, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of gratitude.

For months, Mlomo struggled with mobility issues due to a spinal cord tumor. Her journey from diagnosis to recovery has been marked by resilience and faith. Today, she celebrates her newfound ability to walk independently, offering hope and inspiration to those facing similar challenges.

“We also encourage those that are in hospital to not lose hope as something can happen and their lives can be positive again,” she added, urging others to maintain hope and faith through difficult times.The news of her recovery has sparked an outpouring of support and joy from fans and fellow artists alike. Comments on her social media posts reflect the widespread admiration and relief felt by many:

“Glory be to God. I am so happy for her. She deserves a happy life after all she’s been through.”
“This is the moment where you, the individual, become a walking testimony of a living God, a God of miracles.”
“The enemy works overtime to change people’s destiny. It cannot be the Lord’s will for one of his servants to suffer. May she fully heal and testify.”