Connie Ferguson who was re-married yesterday on Good Friday to his bestfriend. 3 years after Shona

A video circulating on social media has sparked a frenzy among fans, alleging that Harriet Khoza, famously portrayed by Connie Ferguson, and Hector Sebata have recently exchanged vows this past Good Friday. The clip, purportedly showing the pair in wedding attire, has set tongues wagging and screens buzzing with excitement.


Devoted followers wasted no time in flooding various social media platforms with congratulatory messages, expressing delight and surprise at the reported union between the two beloved characters.

Despite numerous attempts to verify the authenticity of the video, neither Harriet Khoza nor Hector Sebata have responded to inquiries. Efforts to reach out to either party for confirmation or clarification have so far been met with silence.

Speculation is rife among fans, with many eagerly awaiting official confirmation from either Ferguson or Sebata regarding the alleged nuptials. Until then, the question remains: is this a real-life romance or simply a scene from their on-screen portrayals?