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SkeemSaam actor Charles Kunutu Masilo Magoro is a well-known South African actor who has been working for a long time.

The South African actor is best known for being the uncle of Rachel and Nimrod Kunutu on the show SkeemSaam, where he is the main star.

Masilo Magoro, a South African actor, has been called one of the best actors and entertainers on Skeem Saam.

He has won the hearts of many fans and viewers since he joined the show.

SkeemSaam viewers have asked him a lot of times where his wife is.

It looks like the actor from SkeemSaam has been hiding his wife for a long time.

It was said that Masilo and his wife Lesego Magoro have been married for more than 25 years.

Masilo has kept his wife out of the news for his own personal reasons.

There seems to be nothing known about his wife, Lesego Magoro.

We know that the actor made his first public appearance in 2012 in a drama series called Tshisa.

He played the role of Morena Lerole in that show.

Masilo has also played detective Vusi in a movie called Tim Greene in a 16 Bars film from 2011.

Masile has also been in a South African movie called Mad Buddies