‘Cash heists becoming a totally new beast

‘Cash heists becoming a totally new beast’
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The messy crime scene on Atlas road in Boksburg where cash vans were bombed on Thursday morning.
The author of the book “Heist” Anneliese Burgess says the latest spate of cash-in-transit heists are a new beast using new tactics.

Burgess said videos which circulated on social media showing the cash-in-transit heist in Boksburg‚ Ekurhuleni showed that the people involved were professionals.

We used to have the classic old type of cash-in-transit heist. This is where you ram a vehicle off the road and you take the money. Now there is a huge development which is the use of explosives.

Over the last six to seven months‚ the thing that is really worrying is the fact that these guys aren’t doing what they used to. They would go and hit a van somewhere on a back road somewhere.