Call DJ Maphorisa asap: Gomora actress ‘Pretty’ Siyasanga Papu’s top vocals break TikTok

The Gomora actress Siyasanga Papu surprised fans as she showed her singing talent with impressive vocals.

Siyasanga Papu is one of the top actors in Gomora and is a key that binds all sides.Her innocence living with her criminal mother, Mam Sonto, has left many fans praising her.



Even though fans loved her for her acting prowess, Siyasanga showed she could bring more than acting to the entertainment industry.

She produced impressive vocals when she performed at a Shisanyama; the video is fantastic.

After her video was shared on TikTok, some fans called DJ Maphorisa to come and see it.

They hoped that probably, DJ Maphorisa might realise her talent like what he did with Nkosazana’s Daughter.
Siyasanga Papu showed her love for music when she produced top vocals on Gomora, but fans thought it was only acting.

There she promoted her shabeen and hosted a show with the Gomora High students choir.

Siyasanga was part of it, and pulling that scene looked natural and easy to her, showing her love.

This time, an actual life situation was presented to her, and she did not disappoint.

Fans loved her vocals, and one man was spotted by many viewers on TikTok on how much he paid attention.

Who can blame him? The Gomora actress Siyasanga Papu produced delicate vocals that touched the heart.