Black Coffee finally responds to his Ex-wife Enhle Mbali after she wished him to die after he was involved in a plane accident

Renowned South African DJ Black Coffee has finally opened up about the recent flight incident that led to his need for surgery. The incident occurred while he was en route to Argentina, with reports attributing his injuries to severe turbulence during the flight.


Black Coffee took to Twitter and Instagram to share a cryptic post featuring emojis of a house, a healing heart, and praying hands, leaving fans speculating about his recovery and expressing support.

Interpreting the post as a positive sign of recovery, many fans were grateful for the update and rallied behind the entertainer during this challenging time. The DJ’s representatives initially disclosed the shocking news of the accident, emphasizing the impact of severe turbulence on his private plane.

Mute, a club where Black Coffee was scheduled to perform, issued a statement addressing the situation: “Dear Argentinian fans, Black Coffee regrets to inform you that due to severe air turbulence on his private plane from Florianopolis to Mar del Plata, he had to make an emergency landing at Montevideo Airport. He suffered severe blows to his body and is currently under observation at a clinic in the same city.”

Black Coffee is widely known for his global travels, often using private jets for his music gigs. However, the recent incident has temporarily grounded him, prompting concerns from fans and the music community.

Despite the public attention surrounding the accident, Black Coffee has yet to directly respond to the Instagram Live session conducted by his ex, Enhle Mbali. During the Live, Mbali made various revelations about their strained relationship, including references to a perceived hostile response to her email expressing concern. She emphasized her care for Black Coffee’s well-being, citing their shared responsibility as parents.

The unfolding events paint a complex picture of the DJ’s personal and professional life, intertwining with the challenges faced by high-profile individuals in the public eye. As the community awaits further updates on Black Coffee’s recovery, the incident has sparked discussions about the delicate balance between fame, personal relationships, and the impact of unexpected events on one’s public image.