Babes Wodumo’s new look stuns Mzansi – LaConco reacts

Popular Mzansi reality star LaConco expressed how much she loved Babes Wodumo’s new look and his round face. She made headlines a few weeks ago when fans noticed how much she had gained weight.

After her pictures went viral on social media, some fans suggested that Mampintsha abused him. Some celebrated with her, saying she is now a free woman, but some fans did not like her weight gain.


One thing is sure: people have different perceptions and likes, and so does LaConco, who took her side on Wodumo’s new look. Babes Wodumo shared pictures on Instagram showing a performance she had done.

Over the years, the talented musician had been a slim lady famously known for her excellent dancing. Even after giving birth, Babes maintained her slender body for a few years.

Surprisingly, she shocked some fans when she showed her weight gain a few weeks ago. Speaking of her comeback, fans praised Babes Wodumo for being able to make such a comeback.