And he ru ined all of this? my heart br eaks for Nozipho and her kids💔👉👉👉

The only explanation I can have for this is that this guy was bewitched. That’s it. Plain and simple. There is nothing and nobody driving him away. His children are so respectful in the manner in which they are begging him (the boys especially) he keeps attacking them unprovoked. They begged him so respectfully and all he wanted to do was fight. So meaning he knows he’s wrong but he’s strongly drugged that he can’t even see what he’s doing. This is sad. May God please locate this man and heal him of whatever has driven him out of his home 🙏🏾 Nozipho 💔💔💔💔💔ZOLA PAYS LOBALA FOR SIDE CHICK AND IMMIDIETLY LEAVES HIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY TO STAY WITH SIDE CHICK.
BREAKING NEWS | Its alledged that Zola Ntshangase payed lobola behind his Wife’s back only to come back to pick up his belongings to go stay with his side chick and his kids begging him to stay but he didnt even care…Zola is leaving his wife Nozipho with 8 kids.





Women will poîson and weaponîze children against their fathers. In this case Nozipho has already braînwashed the kids that their father is bad, that’s why they have turned against him. Children always take the mother’s side
That man is no longer safe in that house, he is now vîewed as an enemy, even by his own children. Ask yourself this, would an abusîve man have even spent all that time asking for the keys or he’d have beaten up people
This is a lesson to every man, no matter how much you love your wife and kids, save something on the side for yourself only. Have some investments that your wife and kids don’t know about. Because in your old age, you may be alone, your children turned against you by their mother
You see it everytime, in their old ages, fathers are usually abandoned or cared for less, being punîshed by the children because they inherîted their mother’s anger towards the father
Learn OR perish!!!