Amanda Manku speaks on her marriage, wedding, and career.

“I always believed I would find love”—Skeem Saam actress Amanda Manku is off the market, and she reveals more about her Skeem Saam and real-life wedding.Amanda Manku, who plays Dr. Elizabeth Thobagale on the popular soap opera Skeem Saam, is a married woman in real life. She always finds time to share photos with her husband on her social media pages. The actress always talks about weddings and how her wedding with her husband changes her life.






The actress’s wedding bells have rung in real life; she is officially Mrs. Tau. She had a stunning traditional wedding and never stops flaunting how much she and her husband are loving their marriage.The actress, who keeps her love life extremely private, hasn’t shared many details about her man.

Recently on Skeem Saam, she got married to Kwaito in a two-day wedding, and she revealed that she has loved weddings since her real-life wedding happened. She also says she has always believed that her character on Skeem Saam would find her own “happily ever after.”The actress expressed her happiness at how she is portraying a wife both on and off screen and said she is picking up a lot of tips from her on-screen wife, Lizzy.Recently, the actress took to Instagram and posted photos wearing a wedding gown, leaving fans praising how she looks beautiful. In a white wedding dress, she even revealed what would happen if she were wearing a white dress at her TV wedding with Kwaito.The actress never stops encouraging women that getting married and celebrating a wedding are wonderful experiences. Notwithstanding the difficulties she encounters, Amanda never stops being thankful for what God has done in her life since she got married and began acting as Elizabeth on Skeem Saam.Elizabeth suffered a considerable blow in her life not so long ago. Her mother and grandmother were violently attacked and shot dead by two anonymous people. The unfortunate incident occurred in Limpopo Makgophong village in Zebediela in May 2021. The reason behind these senseless killings is still unknown

Amanda also suffered a bad case of the virus after that. She detailed that she and her siblings contracted the virus. Amanda says she was hit the hardest, and the COVID made her change her perspective on life.

“I was really struggling, so when I finally became Covid-19 free and could leave the house, but most importantly could breathe, walk around without holding onto anything and my feet weren’t swelling any more, I realised the importance of celebrating life,” she saidEven though her mother and grandma couldn’t celebrate her wedding with her, she has shared that she is delighted and even went on her Twitter page to share how unbelievable it is that she is now a wife. Her marriage came because she needed to be happy again after suffering so many challenges.