AKA’s fans trend after their photo at his grave surfaced on social media

It’s been a month since the South African rapper was shot and killed in Durban after Gig and the legendary rapper was murdered on the 10th of February 2023, his death is still shocking after the footage came out when the shot out occurred outside where he was with his friends.

He was buried on the 18the of Feb and today we see fans visiting his grave and taking pictures to share them on social media, the picture caused a star after it surfaced on social media.






A picture of AKA tombstone is surfacing on social media after a man and a woman took a picture next to his grave, and different opinions on social media about the picture making rounds in social media.

Kiernan Forbes fans trend on social media after taking a picture besides AKA’s tombstone, the picture surfaced on social media and other fans do not appreciate the gesture of taking pictures of AKA tombstone just for publicity stunt.