Actress Mbali Ngiba (Zodwa) leaves ‘Umkhokha: The Curse’

Popular Mzansi actress Mbali Ngiba’s post after Umkhokha: The Curse farewell left some fans in tears on 20 March. She had been one of the most loved characters in Umkhokha, especially in her role as Zodwa. On the show, Zodwa was a strong character most fans feared would not be replaced easily.




Indeed, it was not an ending that both parties did not expect, and it hurt fans. After making a video giving her farewell on TikTok, Mbali Ngiba left her fans in tears.

Some even threatened not to watch Umkhokha: The Curse anymore because there would be no more Zodwa. Indeed, all this showed how much fans loved her, but she was also thankful, saying her goodbyes to fans.

Mbali Ngiba

“Ngiyabonga Kakhulu,” she said, giving her farewell.

It all started with a viral video that made rounds on social media when Mbali shouted at a hotel. In the video, Mbali shouted at the hotel’s security guard, yelling and insulting him.

She also went as deep as belittling the security guard’s salary, drawing so much attention.

Some of her fans believed that the incident was the one that saw her being fired from Umkhokha. Whatever had happened, it seemed her fans still wanted her on the show, and they thought she was struggling.

Responding to her fans, she assured them she was okay and blessed in a video on TikTok. “I’m okay, and I’m blessed ” Mbali said, giving an update.

After the video went viral, the former Umkhokha actress apologised giving her farewell, blaming alcohol for the behaviour she showed.

“When we got into the hotel, we didn’t know we’d require a code to leave, and the person we came with had already left, so we got stuck and could not leave the hotel. I tried to reason with the security guard to open for us because of our situation. When I tried talking to him, the security guard started having an attitude and just looked at us for an hour. Then I think he said something to me, and I lost it. I used words that I shouldn’t have,” she said.

“We were getting hot and couldn’t breathe because there was no air-conditioning. So, we asked him to allow at least us to stand outside while trying to resolve the situation. It has been some time now, so I don’t remember properly, but the brother did not speak properly to me.” she said.

She went on apologising to the security guard. “I would like to apologise to the security officer, I stepped on his toes, as well as to those who know me. Know that I am not one to look down upon other people,” she said. “I have disappointed my fans, and I know that you did not expect that from me because you had never seen that side of me.”