Tweeps surprised ‘AM in Royal AM stands for Andile Mpisane’

The TikToker also mocked the 22-year-old Royal AM chairman and footballer, Andile Mpisane, who named the football club after himself.

“Wealth wasn’t enough for Andile, he also wanted to become a professional footballer. The only problem, he wasn’t good at football.”

He adds that Mpisane wouldn’t take no for an answer and decided to buy his own professional team, Bloemfontein Celtic FC.

“He later named the team after himself, calling Royal Andile Mpisane FC,” says the TikToker,

Mgosi reported in September 2022 that Mpisane was previously mocked by soccer fans when his club played against Kaizer Chiefs at the Free State Stadium, as part of the Macufe Cup.

The publication added that he did not make much of an impact and was instead seen on camera running across the field as he desperately tried to make contact with the ball.

“As if that was not embarrassing enough. Mpisane was then caught on camera trying to perform a soccer trick, possibly in the hopes of impressing the crowd and his fellow teammates. Unfortunately, he fell flat on his butt, as he kicked and missed the ball! Woe!,” reported the publication.

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@LindoSilver: “I really don’t understand the Andile Mpisane hate, let the guy live his life lmao.”

@Aisukaaaa: “Even me I’m shocked ke sana I had no idea. Money is beautiful soze uve.”

@Nator_Da: “Wait, gante the “AM” ko Royal AM stands for Andile Mpisane Fok, I feel dumb!”

@manfresi: “I’m not a soccer fanatic but when I was told about Royal AM and how it was founded. I just figured it out instantly that AM stands for Andile Mpisane.”