Too heavy’: Jojo Robinson’s birthday tribute to Nonku Williams gets Mzansi talking

They have formed a friendship that most celebs fail to maintain over time.

Nonku Williams is celebrating her 44th birthday and is in high spirits.

Most fans expected that Jojo would wish Nonku a happy birthday, but not with her chosen words.






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She went deeper than expected, vowing that she would always stay Nonku’s close friend until her death.

Many fans were left in awe, but one fan specifically cherished their close friendship.

“😢😢😢I love this friendship, the part where you tripped, and she held you up.. such a good example of how you guys held each other up during the show. May your friendship continue to flourish ❤️”

Jojo Robinson birthday Nonku
Nonku Williams. image via Instagram @nonku_williams
She started by wishing her close friend Nonku that she was more of a sister than a friend.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY NONKIE NONKS💜 You are my sister and always will be.. There have been very few friends in my life that have ever stood by me they way you have.. Your loyalty and love will never be unappreciated. I love you so much.. You are the definition of strength and what it is to be a good friend, mother, sister, daughter, WOMAN .. The queen raised a legend.” she said.

“I will defend and love you till my dying day🩵💙💚💛💜🤎🩷🧡 thank you for simply just who you are and for your unwavering love and friendship.. I hope your birthday is nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to see you next week.. enjoy dubai my nonkie🩵🩵 ( post more please. JOKU FOREVER” she finished.

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After Jojo Robinson penned a heavy birthday tribute to her friend Nonku Williams, fans loved it and also wished her well.

“This friendship😭❤️❤️❤️ , you guys genuinely love each other, I love this”

“You don’t look 44, sweet 24, just that fibrant personality of yours, just attract. Love you girl.”

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“Oh gosh guys, your friendship has got me chopping onions….happy birthday Noku and long live Joku ❤️”

“Happy birthday to her may she age with grace and may your sisterhood stand forever,let no devil in human form come between the strong friendship bond that u two share”

“why am i crying how you guys started to this man forever you guys my my favourite ❤️ happy birthday Nonku”