xhosa attire for African women – fashiong

xhosa attire for African women – fashiong


xhosa attire You oughtn’t to raise wherever these women ar returning from after you see them. they’re distinctive and superbly idolized with ‘Sho-kay’ that is shortening for Aso Ilu Oke.

What will this mean?

It merely suggests that ‘clothes from the country.’ Some folks are known as it Aso-Ofi.

The seat of the weavers of Aso Oke could be a very little city known as Ofi in the African nation.
Aso Oke is hand plain-woven created by the Yoruba and generally seamed along to create neighborhood wear.

Festivals, coronations, and weddings aren’t complete while not Aso Oke. this is often why fashion-savvy women opt for the simplest after they are going for Aso Oke. Not even the lads’ are exempted from this beautiful material.

say, Aso Oke, say Aso Ebi. Ebi is friends or family. once many of us wear similar colors, they’re brought up as Aso Ebi to symbolize commonality or unity for an occurrence
Etu stands for poultry. it’s indigo and deep blue bleached that comes with little lightweight blue stripes typically.

it’s the same that the material resembles the color of the guinea fowl’s feather.


Sanyan is pale brown and plain-woven from the beige silk. The beige silk is obtained from the cocoons of the Anaphase lepidopterous insect. it’s typically used for funerals and weddings.


Arari is that the crimson color of Aso oke and is plain-woven from magenta waste however, Aso oke has been changed to return in varied styles and hues. you’re not restricted to the on top of the categories of Aso oke. you’ll even customize your style and color per your style.

Are you thinking of trying completely different in associate degree event?

Their ar decisions to be made of Aso oke. it’s now not restricted to the Yoruba folks. you’ll wear it and build the distinction. silk



xhosa attire

xhosa attire




xhosa attire