Latest Nigerian Chitenge Dresses 2017

This and more designs available .hurry hurry and get yourself a kitenge at discounted ratesheavier or more densely woven cotton cloth on a roll.Kitenge patterns may have continuous border along the edges of the roll, but not across the grain as the kanga doesThe popular kitenge has been revolutionized to fit a whole range of styles that have become popular even with the younger generation. If you’re one of those people who didn’t imagine rocking a kitenge outfit, these images will give your mind a 360 degree turn.

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The latest kitenge designs 2017 / 2018

today the kitenge can be worn in offices in form of a blazer or cute little dresses. “You can get a good dress and team up with a nice kitenge blazer,” says Nekesa. “Sometimes, both the bottom and the top can be matching.” The skirts and simple dresses also make good outfits for office wear making you look decent and at the same time push you out of your cozy zones. fashion designer with Lady D boutique located in Ntinda on Ayabu Nsibirwa Plaza says wearing a kitenge is the current thing for many fashion designers because people want to be identified with their culture.

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Latest Traditional Shweshwe Dresses 2021

Shweshwe dresses in South Africa2019 cool styles in mordern Shweshwe dress designs by African designers from South Africa and all Africa. Similar Items Shweshwe Dresses African Traditional Clothing 2019 Shweshwe Dresses Traditional African ClothingFind traditional African Clothes in South Africa. Traditional Wedding Dresses, Xhosa traditional dresses, shweshwe dress, shweshwe shirts, african attireWe now actualization african dresses africa, David Tlale is a south african actualization designer. his Designs are memorable, arbitrary and elegant. he Designs for both men and women that ambition

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Latest Pixie Haircut Designs for 2017 / 2018

They are the common pixie that lived a peak of popularity in 60’s. Still, the new modern touches include such thing as highlights and layers. So the pixie cuts that we see today are rally pieces of art. It indeed requires a lot of professionalism from a hairstylist and colorist to reach such a harmony working on this short length. pixels wide. You will see a high-resolution quality image display. If you decide to make a pixie haircut, you should show one of these pictures to your hairdresser. A working hair expert in your hair salon will choose the best haircut for you.

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Latest Zulu Traditional Wedding Outfits 2020

The traditional Zulu wedding always takes place at the family home of the groom. The bride will leave her home early in the morning, covered in a blanket given to her by her mother. The bride’s father leads her to her new family home, and she is advised not to look back, so as not to invite bad luck. The bride’s father will call out the family’s clan names, telling the ancestors that his daughter is officially leaving home to join another family traditional Zulu wedding shows the traditional clothes worn by Zuluand Xhosa people. It shows how men and womenAfrican traditional clothes with a modern twist to make them current and wearable.

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