Happy birthday🎂 to Mzansi iconic actress, Leleti Khumalo

Happy birthday🎂 to Mzansi iconic actress, Leleti Khumalo
Leleti Khumalo (born 30 March 1970) is a South African actress known for her leading role in the movie and stage play Sarafina! and for her roles in other films such as Hotel Rwanda, Yesterday and Invictus, as well as the soap opera Imbewu:








The Seed where she plays Nokubonga “MaZulu” Bhengu. And the Uzalo as MaNzuza In Sarafina!, She struggled for freedom for black people during Apartheid. We know her as a song called ‘ Freedom is coming Tomorrow ‘ which is sang by Khanyo Maphumulo
Leleti is the victim of a rare skin condition vitiligo. She has had this skin condition for a while now ,but she has learned how to live with it by researching more about it. Throughout, she has remained committed to her responsibilities. Besides that, she takes part in publicizing this skin condition.

Other celebrities with the same skin condition are model Winnie Harlow and TV personality Graham Norton, Michael Jackson is probably the most famous celebrity who was affected by this condition.

Leleti Khumalo Ambassador

Leleti is one person that cares about the environment and its natural resources. She is the brand ambassador of Sunlight.

Leleti Khumalo continues to do brilliant work. In 2019 she and Abigail Kubeka went to Atlanta in the US where they were honored at the 6th Annual South African Women’s Day AND 25 YEARS OF SOUTH AFRICAN DEMOCRACY Gala on August 24th. These ladies have paved the way and continue to inspire many.