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What really happened to Akhona from Generations?

Many people probably know her as Akhona Griffiths or Memela. However, her real names are Maggie Benedict.





Akhona Griffiths or Memela is the character that she used to play in Generations (now known as Generations the legacy).

After playing a role in one of the biggest drama shows in the country, Generations, Maggie Benedict became more famous and gained more followers and recognition.

She was born in one of the well-known townships in the country, Pretoria, which is located in Gauteng.

The South African actress was born on the 10th of February 1981, which simply means she is now 40 years old but will be turning 41 in few months to come.

In the SABC1 telenovela, Generations, she spent only three years but was able to build herself a reputation.

There were rumours that the Generations actors started a strike and were all fired. After that, the likes of Akhona Griffiths, Mawande Memela and others moved to the Etv newly launched drama back then, Ashes to ashes.

After it was announced that there will be a show called Ashes to ashes, a lot was expected, however, they did not meet that much expectations.

Apart from Generations and Ashes to Ashes, Maggie Benedict also played a role at Attack On Durfur back in 2009, Step to a start up in 2014 and Queen of Kwate in 2016.

She also appeared in Hard Copy, 7 de Laan, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Geraamtes in die Kas, Super Wings and many other shows.

However, for the past years, she has been nowhere to be found.

Many people have been wondering how she has been doing. To make things much worse, she is not even active on social media. On Twitter, she was last seen back in 2013.

House of Zwide break out star Onalerona’s biggest secret is out

It’s 7pm on a weekday night and South Africans are tubed into House of Zwide – one of the biggest telenovelas to ever hit local TV.

What’s unique about House of Zwide is the quality of new talent that has broken into the limelight.




One of these is teenage sensation Nefisa Mkhabela who plays the role of Onalerona.

She has captivated the general TV audience so much that even young girls are now emulating her bright hair do.

But for her to steal the limelight like she as done, Nefisa had to rebell against her father’s wishes.

Her father did not want her to study anything art related and she was just undecided about what she wanted to do with her life.

“A year ago, I was still indecisive about what I wanted to do and study. The main thing I wanted to do was act, but my dad was set on me having a back-up plan and something to fall back on. He made it clear I shouldn’t study something in the arts,” she said.

She is on her way to greatness and judging by the love she has been receiving on social media, the sky definitely is the limit for her.

KZN women arrange provincial baby shower for MaShelembe, after emotional ‘Mnakwethu’ episode.

DURBAN: A gathering of ladies have met up to coordinate a child shower for Makhosazana “MaShelembe” Shelembe, whose story caught Mzansi’s hearts, recently.

On Tuesday’s scene of Mnakwethu, a show where men are helped with acquainting the possibility of polygymy with their spouses, Bheki Langa uncovered to MaShelembe that he had a special lady.

He further disclosed to her that he had effectively paid lobola for Hlengiwe “MaSithole” Sithole, and that she was pregnant.




Watchers were stunned at MaSithole’s disposition and scrutinized her comprehension of the cycle. They were additionally moved when MaShelembe became passionate and addressed how he could stand to deal with another family, when they were battling monetarily.

MaShelembe wouldn’t meet her significant other’s paramour.

“Yet, when I discovered she was pregnant, and due in November, designs immediately transformed,” she said.

Ndelu said individually, Good Samaritans started reaching her and, before she knew it, a few days of crown jewels, including a common child shower, on Sunday, 26 September, was being arranged.

“My goal isn’t to get her out of her relationship, that isn’t my business. It is tied in with saying to her, ‘I see you lady. I heard you lady. I love you lady’. Also, the reaction from everybody has been overpowering,” she said.

MaShelembe is relied upon to show up in Durban (from Nqutu, right external Dundee, in KZN) on Friday.

“She will be gotten and brought to Durban in a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, which has been supported. She should unwind after the entire day of voyaging and, on Saturday, she will be taken for a spa day. Liberal givers have likewise organized an entire day of spoiling, and she will finish her hair and nails as well,” Ndelu said.

On Sunday, the child shower will happen at the Durban Botanic Gardens, yet severe Covid-19 security conventions will be noticed. Ndelu added that there will be a little gathering who will remain for the real child shower.

She said blossoms, stylistic layout, photography, and two cakes, have all been given – for nothing. Ndelu clarified that there will likewise be a drive-by site, for individuals to drop off gifts

“There are even individuals who have given child items,” she said.

Ndelu said a Durban visitor house proprietor has offered a space for the end of the week, at no expense.

Ndelu said this showed that an individual needn’t bother with a manor or 1,000,000 bucks to have an effect in somebody’s life.

She added that the overflowing of adoration has been overpowering, and is a genuine demonstration of how ladies can meet up to help one another.

MaShelembe’s child is expected in November. She has likewise been extended to an employment opportunity on TikTok.

Zenande Mfenyane left fans stunned rocking her elegant and breathtaking towering dress

Zenande Mfenyane is popularly recognized South African actress, Philanthropist, voice over artist and Mc. She is high-quality acknowledged for her position on Generations soapie opera weekdays on sabc 1 portraying as Noluntu Memela, the daughter of Mawande Memela if you remember well.





She is a hardworking and has committed to her profession and many people admire her for doing excellent job. She additionally seemed on The Queen soapie opera on Mzanzi magic Dstv known for beibg the Ferguson film playing the role part of Goodness Mabuza.

Zenande has made a name for herself withiside the enterprise through her proper appearing skills. She was born on 11 October 1985 in kagiso, East rand, Gauteng province. She is the owner of Bachelor in Drama that she accumulated at University of Pretoria. She is also appeared on the television indicates including Ashes to Ashes playing the position of Reba on E-television soap opera.

The actress is talented and beautiful. She lately shared remarkable pictures of herself looking absolutely stunning with her elegant dress. This shows us that she is a fashionable woman who values her lifestyle. What’s your take on her dress? Kindly leave your view by leaving your opinion, like the article and don’t forget to click share button.

Qwabe Twins Before the fame and now

The late Nelson Mandela was once said, “education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that a daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of miner can become the head of the mine, that the child of a farm’s worker can become the President of a great nation, it is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another”.




The late former statesman was a firm beliver that anyone in this world can better themselves through education. That on its only is very much true as with education one can move mountains, the possibilities in this life are endless.

As we are all uniquely created, some of us can easily change our fortunates through our God given talents. It takes very special people to be able to use that God given talent and turn it into profession. It has since been the case with the famous Qwabe Twins who went from having nothing to hitting stardom in a matter of few years. The road was however not easy from their well known disappointments on Idols SA, but through perseverance and hard work they went to realize their dreams of becoming professional singers.

Making their debut on television it was evident that they hail from humble beginnings but their fortunes have drastically changed as they are now living the posh lifestyle. From being an unknown duo to topping the charts in the music industry, that on its own proves that hardwork really pays off.

Currently keeping everyone on the dance floor, the Qwabe Twins are a force to be reckoned with. Not only have their fortunes changed but they have since went to drastically change their look. From getting decent affordable hair cuts to wearing some of the most expensive hair available in the market, their lifestyle is admirable.