Seshoeshoe Dresses 2020Traditional Attire

Today this fabric has become fashionable beyond its traditional usage and praise must go to young South African designers for their renewed interest in this traditional national heritaget raditional Southern African fabric that is typicallyWomen dresses skirts African mode Africa imports of African women imported dresses and skirts and Africa are perfect for African mode Clothing in brocade, george fabric,

Xhosa traditional wedding dresses

special kind of dresses, some goes for the designers collection and some go for own stitching. every country has its own tradition and customs so has the Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses which is coming from centuries for this day. With the latest fashion trend the designs and sewing patterns may be change but the main ideas behind designing these dresses remains the sam

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Top Traditional Sesotho Attire 2017 2018

Sesotho and Xhosa traditional wear lend themselves well to creating coordinated couple looks. Select a traditional print (be it from your culture or not) and carry it through to your partner’s look. If you’re having your outfits for the wedding tailored (it’s the best way to get exactly what you want!), make sure the tailor adds touches from the print on your outfit to your partner’s outfit.

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office chitenge dresses for women 2020

A short chitenge dress is meant to show off beautiful legs while a long dress flatters curves and draws attention to the arms or neck. Both of these chitenge dresses work styles fo all women .

A woman attractive and differentiate her physique from that of a man. While there are different types of dresses, a lady should always wear a dress which is comfortable and accentuate her best features.

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