Do You Remember Angela From Generations? See Her Now

Do you still remember the little girl who played as Angela Mogale on the old Generations? She began her acting career at a very young age and she grew on the show. Angela as famously known by most Generations viewers used to entice many other kids with the life she lived as she grew.




Many other kids wished to be seen on TV screens just like her but they did not know how to get there and many were hindered by their inability to speak proper English.

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Her real name is Dineo Nchabeleng and she revealed that her life was not as nice as it seemed to most viewers. She said that she had to manage school and work (which was acting) at a very young age and for her that was one of the biggest challenges she faced.

While most kids used their after school time doing homework and playing, Dineo had to go to studio and also rehearse her lines everyday before she can do her school work.

However, she was very good in what she did that nobody noticed she was under pressure.

Remember Nolo Phiri “Nikki” From Rhythm City, Where Is She Now?

Rhythm City is one of the most loved and watched soapies in South Africa, we grew up watching phenomenal actresses and actors and some of us still hope that some of them will return.

Sadly this will not be possible, because the loved soapie ia coming to an end in July.

But let us remember the good moments,the drama and all the beautiful performers we got to know. I bet we all loved the lady who played the role of Niki on Rhythm City, the one who has a child with Suffocate Ndlovu? Remember her….

The beautiful lady who played the role of Nikki real name Lehlogonolo ‘Nolo’ Phiri, she is an honors graduate from the school of the arts at wits university ,when she was younger she attended the National School of Arts and majored in fine arts. She is also a trained director and has produced some documentaries for sabc.

Currently she is a business woman and a mother.

Remember Emmanuella? See recent look that has got everyone talking.

Emmanuella, do you recall her? Examine her most recent appearance, which has everyone talking, in these 11 photos:

Emmanuella Samuel (born July 22, 2010), mononymously known as Emmanuella, is a YouTube child comedian on Mark Angel’s YouTube channel. Emmanuella’s first appearance was on episode 34, titled “Who Mess?”

Emmanuella made her foray into comedy at the age of five. She was on a family holiday and met with Angel. He needed some children for his comedy shoot, and called a few children he knew for the audition, but they couldn’t memorize their lines and he then turned to Emmanuella.

Emmanuella performed admirably despite the eighteen-hour video shoot, which was a trick performed by the director to test the children’s stamina. Following her selection, Angel had to persuade her parents to allow her to become a member of the Mark Angel Comedy team, which she successfully accomplished.

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Emmanuel, do you have any recollection of her? It is undoubtedly true that she has grown up and become a responsible young lady.

As a result of her presence in the “Real Face” video and subsequent media attention, Emmanuella, actual name Emmanuel Samuel, has found it difficult to keep out of the spotlight in the entertainment industry.

Celebrities of the present day, such as Emmanuella and her uncle Mark Angel, are well-known in the entertainment industry. In the last several weeks, a woman who looks to be Emmanuella’s younger sister has been posting pictures on social media sites. Emmanuella, the heroine of Mark Angel’s popular comedy series, has recently received a lot of attention for her new hairstyle.

I made sure to take a lot of photographs of Emmanuella so that we could observe how she had changed. Please look at the photos that have been put below. 👇

What do you think of her present appearance? Is she becoming more beautiful? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Do you still remember Khethiwe from Generations and her latest pictures

Winnie Ntshaba, born on March 1, 1975, in South Africa, is a prominent actress, producer, and businesswoman who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Best known for her role as Khethiwe Buthelezi on the popular SABC1 soap opera “Generations,” Ntshaba’s career spans over two decades and is filled with numerous accomplishments.






Her acting journey began in the late 1990s when she landed the role of Khethiwe, a strong-willed and independent character that resonated with audiences across the nation. Her compelling portrayal earned her widespread recognition, and she quickly became a household name in South Africa.

Beyond her acting prowess, Winnie Ntshaba has also ventured into producing, showcasing her multifaceted talent and determination to excel in various aspects of the entertainment industry. Her work as a producer includes projects that explore social issues and empower underrepresented voices.

Aside from her contributions to the entertainment world, Ntshaba has demonstrated a keen entrepreneurial spirit. She has successfully delved into business, establishing her own production company and investing in real estate. Her dedication to personal growth and business acumen have solidified her as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives.

Remember Lloyiso From Idols SA 2O15 Top 5? See Where He Is Now

We have been wondering where are all those Idols SA winners because we have not heard from since the end of the competition. Today we come all the way to learn about Lloyiso who was in Idols SA in 2O15 and got into top 5.




It been six full years after Lloyiso entered Idols SA in 2015 and made it to top 5. His life dis not stopped but he used the opportunity he was given to mingle for better change. He has been working with different artist in the country like Dr Tumi. It has been reported that he has made history after he was snatched up by the Republic Records. According to the source Lloyiso has signed a huge record label by the Republic Records, the international record label that have variety artist in the likes of Drake, The Weekend and Ariana Grande.

For who still don’t remember Lloyiso, he first enter Id’s SA in 2015 and got into top 5. He became famous with his smooth-voiced. Lloyiso has made a great achievement at a very young age. When he entered Idols SA in 2O15 he was 61-year-old and as of 2021 he is seating at 22 years old.

Lloyiso has been working hard since he appeared in Idols SA. He knew thay one day tingd will work out on him where he least expected. He took it to his social media page where he shared good news. He said that he did not believed it at first, so he had to wait until his sure thay it’s finally happening. It is indeed a big breakthrough from a very young age to have made it so far.

We now know that his going to make more people cry with his soft and smoothvoice, as he will be able to share his music on a global stage and change people’s lives through his vulnerability on music.