Latest Nigerian Chitenge Dresses 2017

This and more designs available .hurry hurry and get yourself a kitenge at discounted ratesheavier or more densely woven cotton cloth on a roll.Kitenge patterns may have continuous border along the edges of the roll, but not across the grain as the kanga doesThe popular kitenge has been revolutionized to fit a whole range of styles that have become popular even with the younger generation. If you’re one of those people who didn’t imagine rocking a kitenge outfit, these images will give your mind a 360 degree turn.

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Fancy Kitenge Designs For Women

That kitenge print is just lovely, n so is the design and fit easily one of the most stylish women in Nigeria, everyone was super excited for her when her pregnancy was announced, I was particularly looking forward to her maternity style as it is a well known fact that most pregnant women- celebrities included- tend to let themselves go while they are pregnant.

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The latest kitenge designs 2017 / 2018

today the kitenge can be worn in offices in form of a blazer or cute little dresses. “You can get a good dress and team up with a nice kitenge blazer,” says Nekesa. “Sometimes, both the bottom and the top can be matching.” The skirts and simple dresses also make good outfits for office wear making you look decent and at the same time push you out of your cozy zones. fashion designer with Lady D boutique located in Ntinda on Ayabu Nsibirwa Plaza says wearing a kitenge is the current thing for many fashion designers because people want to be identified with their culture.

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African Kitenge Designs Dresses For 2017

Besides, the kitenge is a good way to dress up during leisure activities.   Nekesa says  the kitenge  in  a pair of shorts and throw on veils- for the swim suits. Other than being regarded for the old and serious people, the kitenge have come in handy for the younger generation. You can have a top worn over denim pair of denim jeans, a skirt or shorts. like the gomesis or omushana, some people are opting for kitenge on their visiting and introduction occasions. Some even have decided to have the entire entourage of their wedding to be dapper in kitenge.  This  goes to show how people’s perception of kitenge has changed and if you had it, you are reckoned to be oozing high fashion.

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Top Styles Shweshwe Traditional Dresses 2017

African fabrics dominating the fashion world of women in Africa and elsewhere on the globe has taken over the fashion industry in The Gambia as both young and old women as well as children and even our male counterparts are wearing nothing more than African fabrics these daysconjugal and evening wear designer. In this collection, traditional shweshwe appearance her signature architecture with sparkling capacity on anniversary piece. Her boldness and adroitness see the acknowledgment of composure to bridal. There’s lace, bead, baking silk, tulle and all the abundant

aesthetics. According to the cast

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