Gogo Maweni Says That Whoever photo Her Husband

In a recent video that has stirred significant controversy, reality TV star and traditional healer, Gogo Maweni, has taken to social media to send a stern message to women attempting to lay their hands on her husband, Sabelo Magube. The footage, posted on TikTok, showcases Gogo Maweni’s assertive stance and has generated a wave of mixed reactions due to her unconventional approach.


As a traditional healer, Gogo Maweni’s threat to use a human-made curse against those seeking to snatch her husband has ignited a fierce debate on social media. The video, shared widely, portrays her as unyielding and resolute in her determination to protect her marital union.

Despite the cultural and spiritual nuances associated with Gogo Maweni’s role as a sangoma, social media users have expressed diverse opinions about her warning. The video has prompted discussions on the appropriateness of using spiritual practices in matters of relationships, leading to a range of contrasting viewpoints.

In the video, Gogo Maweni asserts her perspective on dealing with relationship issues, stating that she does not engage in fights for a man. Instead, she claims to address matters directly with the other woman involved. She emphasizes the influence of social media, asserting that a mere picture and the woman’s name and surname are sufficient for her to take action.

There’s no one who doesn’t know that Sabelo is in a relationship with me. Just like you guys, people know who you are dating. Don’t fight with the girl now. We’ve got social media, we’ve got your pictures, name and surname. We deal with you at 12 o’clock, we don’t fight with girls,” she said in the video.

While Gogo Maweni’s approach may resonate with some, it has sparked anger and accusations of witchcraft from others on Twitter. Users have expressed concerns about the potential misuse of spiritual practices and have questioned her role as a traditional healer. Some tweets, such as @oyama’s statement, “Gogo Maweni is a full-blown witch. A witch iyachitha and not build. She is not a healer. Uyathakatha,” have contributed to the controversy surrounding her video.
In response to the backlash, there have been calls for the Traditional Healers Association to take action, with one Twitter user suggesting the suspension of Gogo Maweni’s certificate. The heated debate highlights the intersection of cultural beliefs, social media dynamics, and contemporary relationship issues in the digital age.