Former Uzalo actor Wiseman Mncube photo

Renowned for his role as a sangoma, Wiseman Mncube recently shared a profound message about spiritual growth on his Instagram. In a captivating post, he posted a picture of himself in traditional sangoma

attire, standing in a river—a symbolic representation of his spiritual journey.


Wiseman Mncube has become well-known for embracing and sharing the wisdom of sangoma traditions, referring to traditional healers in South African indigenous cultures. These healers connect with ancestral spirits to offer guidance, healing, and insight, and Mncube’s dedication to this practice has drawn attention to the spiritual dimensions of South African culture.

In his Instagram post, Mncube emphasized “spiritual growth, spiritual growth,” conveying his commitment to personal and spiritual development. The image of him in traditional sangoma attire by a river adds layers of symbolism. The attire represents cultural identity and ties to ancestral roots, while the river symbolizes a sacred space associated with purification and spiritual renewal in indigenous beliefs.

Fans and followers flooded the comments with encouragement, acknowledging Mncube’s dedication to spiritual growth and expressing gratitude for the insight he provides into sangoma wisdom. Many highlighted the importance of preserving South Africa’s cultural heritage.

The revelation of Mncube’s sangoma journey sparked speculation about whether he plans to quit acting and focus on his new path. However, the actor has not responded to these questions, leaving social media curious about his future plans.