Boity Thulo appreciates Lebo M for inviting her to watch The Lion King

It sounds like Boity Thulo had an unforgettable experience at The Lion King’s 30th anniversary concert, and her appreciation for Lebo M’s contribution to the iconic film’s legacy is evident. Lebo M’s invitation to the event allowed Boity to not only witness the celebration of this milestone but also to relive cherished childhood memories associated with The Lion King.


Attending the concert alongside other notable figures such as Lebo M, Zakes Bantwini, and others, Boity had the opportunity to rub shoulders with international stars and immerse herself in the magic of the stage performance.

Sharing her gratitude on Instagram, Boity expressed her heartfelt thanks to Lebo M for the invitation and highlighted the profound impact his music has had on her life since childhood.

Boity’s words of appreciation and admiration for Lebo M’s talent and contribution to The Lion King’s legacy underscore the significance of the event and the lasting impression the film’s music has had on audiences worldwide.