Drama as late Zoleka Mandela’s baby daddy seek a lawyer as he gets denied access to his child

Leeroy Cana who is one of Zoleka Mandela’s baby daddies in a

heartbreaking Instagram post shared on Monday, 8 April said that he is allegedly being deprived access to see his daughter.

Zoleka Mandela (the granddaughter of the late and former president Nelson Mandela and his second wife, anti-apartheid activist Winnie Mandela) died on Monday, 25 September last year. She was laid to rest days later after her funeral which took place at Bryanston Methodist Church in Johannesburg.

She died days after she was admitted to the hospital for ongoing treatment for metastatic cancer to the hip, liver, lung, pelvis, brain, and spinal cord, a statement from the family revealed.




One of her baby daddies, Leeroy Cana has recently celebrated their daughter’s birthday on his feed.“Happy birthday to my little girl. Today you are turning 2 years old. I want to thank Ausi [aunty] Lerato for looking after you at the time Zo was not ok. Aunty, I’ll never forget you,” he wrote.Zimoja previously reported that before Zoleka died, she had allegedly shared that she didn’t want Thiery Bashala (the father of her two children) as well as Leeroy Cana (the father of her last born Zingce) at her funeral.

In his recent birthday tribute to his daughter, Cana wrote: “I’m not happy that I don’t have much access to my child. I want her to be with me and play with me all the time… I’m not happy about many things — I don’t want to expose people here but I’m not happy.”“I’ll be with you soon, [Zingce]. Please let me know if you guys know any lawyer that deals with kids. I need to change a lot of things. Love you with all my heart Zingce,” he added.

Zoleka Mandela died at 43-years-old. She was an author, activist, and a mother of six. Unfortunately, over the years, she lost two of her children while she battled with cancer. Sadly, in 2010, she lost another child. In 2012, she mourned the loss of her newborn son, Zenawe who was born prematurely.

Leeroy Cana previously opened up about his short-lived love story with Zoleka. He said that everything happened so fast as he detailed how their love affair came to an unexpected halt.“We only dated for 9 months [and it] felt like we were married. We were so close and no one could separate us. We wanted to be together every day and called each other every night. We were best friends,” Cana recalled via an Instagram post.

“3 months into it [and] we were already talking about getting married, there was so much I didn’t understand about you and about life in general, but I was learning as fast.

“I was so confused at times, my life changed so quickly, too many DMs and too many opinions from people I didn’t even know, but suddenly when you became pregnant after 5 months things were not the same anymore. Things I can’t explain were happening,” he wrote.

Cana said Zoleka’s “untimely passing” has been painful to him. “I’ll always tell Zingce about the time I shared with you and how great we were,” he penned.