Best Art Ideas for Nails Colors 2019

will be special too. We’ll tell you about preferred colors, fashionable styles and main nail trends. It’s easy to define a trendy color of the New Year as it fits the color of the New Year symbol according to the Eastern Calendar.

Green is a color of grass. As the Dog likes having some fun in soft grass, you can boldly choose this color. Prefer pistachio, emerald, grass-colored or turquoise polishes. Black new year manicure will be also very popular on the New Year’s Eve. They’re associated with the ascetic Dog, its modesty and ability to get by with little. Moreover, minimalism of such nail designs can be complemented with foil and sequins.

There’s not as much red color in nature as blue but it’s also noticeable, especially in spring and summer when different flowers bloom. Don’t choose bright shades again but prefer “dimming” colors. But you can choose bright red if taking into account the fact that this is a color of the New Year. By the way, red is perfect if combined with green, golden, white or black.

Golden and silver new year designs for nails are appropriate in 2018 too. It’s recommended to cover 1-2 nails with golden polish or to use golden or silver decorative elements. It’s important not to overdo this not to look provocative. Golden transitions make even the plainest design really festive.

Of course, snowflakes are the most popular patterns among New Year pictures. Yes, this is quite hackneyed but when you see how diverse the pictures on the nails can be, you’ll change your opinion.

The following patterns will be also popular:

This all can be painted on the nails and become an essential part of the gel nail designs for new years. Those who can’t draw straight lines or have difficulties with drawing with a left hand are recommended to focus on stickers and stamping. It’s easy to use them at home. The main advantage is that there’re so many versions of pictures.

It’s more comfortable to draw pictures and patterns on the long nails as the “canvas” is bigger. If you paint new years nail designs for short nails, you’ll have to deal with laconic simple patterns.

Now let’s talk about nail design for new years. But, first of all, we should note what nail length will be trendy in the new year. Medium length that’s closer to short nails will be in fashion. As for the shape, fashionistas will prefer round and almond nails. If you like square nails, it’s better to file the corners making them rounder.